Restaurang Balansens lokaler

Welcome to Balansen

We offer a daily buffet, todays special, pizza and burgers. Home cooking combined with international cuisine and street food. All made from scratch.

Don´t miss our great steak sandwich on breakfast, they are hearty!

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Welcome to Highway

Placed in the middle of the TC factory. We offer todays special, fast food and snacks. Vending machines filled with food and snacks will take care of you between lunch and dinner break hours.

Restaurant Balansen

Opening hours

Monday to friday 07:00 - 18:30 07:00 - 18:30
Highway open sundays 23-00.30

Contact information

Joanna Hellsing Ilo - Restaurant manager

Phone: 070-698 27 79


Address: Gunnar Engellaus väg 22, 40508 Göteborg

Restaurant Balansen
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